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Friday, 13 April 2012

Little Birdy Fabric

I've gone with a purple and aqua theme this time for my entry into the Sewing Celebration contest at Spoonflower.  I've long been thinking about experimenting with different textures and this seems to be the ideal time to try it.

My entry is called Hello Stitchy Birdy and looks like this:

Hello Stitchy Birdy

If you click into the image it will take you to the Spoonflower site where you can see the full repeat on the fabric.  It is SUPPOSED to look like a corduroy background.  Diamond shaped lines of stitching to represent quilting.  The birds are felt appliques, with little stitched feet - and satin stitching for the eyes and beaks.  The daisy is again, felt applique.

The colours come from a corduroy skirt I made my daughter last year.  It's one of her favourites, and gets worn at every opportunity!

I did an alternate design as a coordinate, which was probably a mistake because I then just could not decide which one to enter as I really like them both.  This is it:

Applique Daisies Purple

I made the felt daisies in the aqua too, plus I did both designs in the standard way as well - i.e. not fake stitching! :)

Hello Birdy SmallBirdy Daisies Purple

Hello BirdyBirdy Daisies Aqua Blue

You can see the collection here in it's entirety, including some plain "corduroy" backgrounds.  I think I am going to have to order some...

If you would like to see the other sewing designs in the contest, and perhaps have a vote while you are there...the link is here.

Have a great weekend!

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