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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Personalised Design Information

A little post today about my personalised fabric services.

To start with - a big big thank you to everyone who has had me design fabric, wallpaper, giftwrap, or wall decals for them over the last 18 months or so. I love seeing your creations, and love being able to help you make special things for your loved ones. It honestly does make my day when you send a photo of what you have made.

When I first set out doing this I didn't realise how much time and effort would go into making the designs for I need to make a change to the way I do this, in order to continue providing the service.

So, long story order to continue doing this, to try and cover some of the time I spend on it - I will now be charging a design fee for personalisations.  The best place to look for all of the ordering information is in my catalog, which you can find here.

Personalised Name Fabric - Dark Pink ButterfliesThe fee will be USD$10 per personalised design - payable direct to me via Paypal before I create your design.  This covers up to three iterations, and is chargeable once per design. If you pay a fee for a Pink and Purple Olivia - then need some more of the exact same design at a later date, I will not charge you again.  If you want a Blue and Yellow Olivia - there will be a new fee, as it is a new design.

While we are on the subject - I do not mind if you sell the items you make with my fabrics.  I do ask that you talk to me about it first and let me know your plans though. 

I do hope you understand why I am doing this - and if you have any questions at all - please feel free to contact me at the email address on my Contact Me page...

Kind regards - and thank you for your continued support!



  1. Shelley, All of us who have had your personalised fabric so far, really appreciate what you are saying here. We are the lucky ones. The articles we make with these fabrics are so admired and people are inquisitive about the process. I always mention your talent and the fact that you actually live here in New Zealand, a world away from where the fabric is displayed and printed. Time is money and we need to put a value on our amazing talents. Do keep up the good work, I am watching your journey. Claire

  2. Thank you so much Claire! I really appreciate your kind comment.