Shelley Made: August 2013

Saturday 31 August 2013

A Mermaid Costume...

A quick post today to share my latest sewing project...  My daughter has been asking for a mermaid costume for about 3 years I think.  She is off to an Under the Sea birthday party today - so she finally got her wish!

I like my mermaids to be a little more bikini top for this one!  I did not choose the fabric - she did.  Hence it is very very shimmery and very very pink! 

The tail morphs up into a "land princess".  Necessary for mermaids out of the water of course.

She is rather chuffed with the end result I think!

I used the great tutorial from LiEr over at ikatbag for the tail.  Worked a treat.

For the top - I created a cylinder from under the armpits to the waist.  Attached two long straps on an angle in the seams, that we could tie up behind her neck to keep the top in place.

All super stretchy and comfy.  I can see it being worn every day for a while...!

Thursday 1 August 2013

Moo Mail!

I'm about to embark on something new...and I'm quite excited about it!

So, to prepare for that new project, I needed something new myself....swing tags, labels, and even a business card.

An acquaintance recommended - so I gave it a go.

I set off and designed everything I thought I would need, and look what arrived!

I love the way they have turned out.

Here are the Moo mini-cards (which I will be using as swing tags - they are a great size for that).  I love that you could print multiple different backings at no extra cost.  These are the matte finish ones

My book of stickers - which I am amazed at the quality of.  I think this is my favourite part of the order.  They are lovely and glossy, and you can have up to 50 different pictures in the one little book!:

Finally my business card..

They gave me a discount code to share around...which I normally wouldn't do...but since I'm so happy with the can get 10% off your first order by clicking here.