Shelley Made: 2012

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Few of my Favourite Things...

Seasons greetings!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and are looking forward to a wonderful 2013...

Time for a post that contains a few of my favourite things...

My daughter...sewing...designing fabric...swirls...the colour blue...and my brand new clothing labels!

This little top happens to cover off EVERYTHING listed above in one go!

It's the Fair and Square dress/top from Tie Dye Diva - made top length, using my Fancy Swirls fabric design in light blue - with a little bit of the reverse print for the flower:

I have to say - this is definitely my absolute favourite item I've made so far.  I love love the way it looks on my cheeky little girl.

Here are some of the details:

The bodice front...

The fabric - printed in poplin...
The bodice back...
The lovely matching seam! :) ...

The fabric flower, in the reverse print...

I was super excited to be able to attach on of my new woven labels to the top.  I ordered them not long before Christmas - and didn't think I would see them till the New Year. I was worried the little swirls I designed would not show through, but they did!  Luckily, they arrived mid-Christmas the last few items I made I was able to include my own proper woven labels on.

I made some matching hairclips - using the GG Designs swirl clip cover pattern...

I've made this top/dress four times in the last month now...and I still love it!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Snowy Dreams Collection

Another sneek peak...the second of my two new fabric collections, which will be available in January on

I really like the soft colours in this one.

You can see each design individually here.

Feels a bit strange designing snowflakes in our December summer heat - but it's not summer everywhere is it! :)

Follow me on Facebook if you are interested in an update on when this collection, or the Sweetie Pie collection, are released.

Seasons Greetings to you all!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Sweetie Pie Fabric Collection

Coming soon, my new collection over on fabric, wallpaper and wall decals.

A sneak peek for you...

Soft candy colours mixed with pops of brightness.  Very girly!  Very swirly!

Follow me on Facebook for updates as to when it is available for sale.

You can see previews of each design here.

I hope you like it... :)

Friday, 30 November 2012

Under the Sea T-Shirt Design

For a bit of something different, I have designed a t-shirt...  Spoonflower, in conjunction with Storey Publishing - the creators of the One Yard Wonders books, are holding a contest - the theme being Under The Sea.  The winner will have their t-shirt appear in their upcoming book next year.

I did it for a bit of fun...but could totally see my little girl in it :)

Clownfish Love - Riviera Tee

She's always been a big fan of the little Clownfish.

Riviera T Mockup

If you feel like voting (which is always appreciated!)...the link is here

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Swirls and More Swirls

New fabric designs!  I did some swirls as part of a design I did for the Mollie Makes Spoonflower fabric design competition...and loved them so much - I keep doing them in different colours!  This is my entry...already proofed and available for sale...  The winner will be on the over of an issue of Mollie Makes magazine...which would be really neat.  You can click on the image below to see the full repeat on fabric.  The colour palette for the competition was very restricted - and quite a challenge!

Fancy That...

Plus - the first roll of my own design on gift wrap arrived...and it happens to be swirly too :) 

It is a beautiful weight of paper - so thick and with a lovely sheen.  Very happy with it.  You can see the red and white swirls here, available on fabric, wallpaper, wall decals and for a limited time gift wrap!

Some of the other colours...this is a favourite...printed on poplin in the photo...for a top for my daughter...

Or maybe a Christmas green...
Fancy Swirls - Christmas Green

Or teal...
Fancy Swirls - White on Teal

Fancy Swirls - Black

Fancy Swirls - Purple
On little Cocktail Napkins...
Curly Swirly Holiday Cocktail Napkins

Or with birdies even...
Purple Bird Swirls

Lots of swirls...swirls everywhere!  In more colours in my Spoonflower shop...and if you are interested, and want it in a different size print, or different colour - feel free to contact me and I can change it for you.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Matching Sunhat and Skirt

It was my niece's birthday yesterday.  A big 2 year old already!

She's a blue eyed cutie - so I designed a new blue and orange set of fabrics for her, and made them into a little skirt and reversible sunhat.

The sunhat is the Tie Dye Diva Sunny Day Sunhat.  I made mine with a straight brim, but she included a ruffle as an option.

It turned out pretty well I think...

On one side I used this personalised fabric...
Personalised Name Fabric - Handwritten Blue Daisies

...and the other is this one...
Orange Daisies

If you click on the images - you can see the full fabric repeats at Spoonflower.

I made up a special border print for the skirt, which is the Sassy Skirt from Sew Sweet Patterns.

I lengthened it a little - as the skirt is very short, and made it an adjustable waist - I wrote up a quick tutorial on how to do that here.


Then wrapped it all up in matching paper to send off in the post...with fingers crossed that everything was going to fit!

Another good day's sewing :)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

What's Next...

What am I working on now...??

Here is a sneak peek at some of what arrived last week...

What could it be for???  That's little boy's room makeover.  Doesn't look like much right now...but it is going to be a quilt, roman blinds, a lampshade cover, wall hangings, and anything else I can squeezed out of the fabric!

I might even get to do some sewing tomorrow...  Will be back to share!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Arrows Everywhere...

Hello.  I've been designing again.  Just here and there.  I've entered myself in the Fabric of the Week over at Spoonflower again...the theme this week is Arrows.

So I did a very literal design - a tessellation of left turning arrows...

A Little to the Left - Blues in Linen

Getting the repeat to work took quite some time, but once I sorted that out, I then got carried away playing and recoloured the design in...

A Little to the Left - Pinks

and Oranges...
A Little to the Left - Autumn

and Black and White..
A Little to the Left - Black and White

and finally because the competition is sponsored by Adobe this week...white and Adobe red...
A Little to the Left - Adobe Red

Still think the blues are my favourite!

You can see all the rest of the designs - and there are some awesome ones this week - by clicking here.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Creating an Adjustable Waist

I love adjustable waists.  Why?  Two reasons.  First - I can make the clothes last longer...children grow like weeds!  Second - I make clothes for kiddies like my gorgeous little nieces that live a long way away...  I'm never sure of their measurements - so this takes the guessing out of it.

So, a quick how-to for you!  This tutorial will explain how to convert a regular skirt (or pants for that matter, now that I think about it) pattern, into one using buttonhole elastic.  It's really very easy.

Any pattern with a waistband will do, and you should be able to follow the instructions along.  This one is headed for my niece Lillie (hence - the Lillie-Billie on my fabric in case you were wondering!)

Here we go...

Follow your instructions until it comes time to sew your waistband piece sides together.

Take each piece - fold it in half lengthways - and give it good press to create a nice crease.

The crease is going to be the top of your finished waistband.  Place the two pieces right sides together, and you are going to sew as per the instructions - EXCEPT - we will leave a gap for the elastic to thread through, near the top of the inside of the waistband.  Start at the front of the waistband - sew down to the crease, keep sewing for 2-3 extra stitches past the crease.  Now backstitch to reinforce, and cut your threads.  Skip down the length of your elastic (mine was 3/4 inches).  Start sewing again - all the way to the end.

Closer up - it should look like this (except I've flipped it over to the other side in the photo - sorry!)

Repeat for the other end of the waistband.  Both elastic holes should line up.  If they don't - then you've done it on the wrong side!  Don't worry - just unpick and do it again. :)

Turn your waistband the right way through, and refold at the crease.

Take your elastic - and cut it about 2 inches longer than your waistband piece.  It just needs to be long enough to sit nicely unstretched.

Next, take your elastic ends and turn under just a little on each end.  Sew over them just to neaten and so they don't unravel (as in the photo below).

Take each end, and push them through the holes you made before.  I use a safety pin to secure them on each end.  You can thread the elastic into the casing later if you prefer - but it is so much easier to do it now while the waistband is not attached.
Now - attach your waistband as per your pattern instructions.  Then sew a casing, just along the wasitband back where the elastic is.  You want to push the elastic up to the top of the waistband (I usually topstitch first as in the photo), then sew your casing just in from the side of the elastic.  This keeps it nice in place, and stops twisting, etc.  Be careful not to sew into the elastic!  Otherwise you won't be able to tighten it.

You will end up with two ends that look like this:

The Left: 

and Right:

With the casing in between.

Lastly - you want to sew a button near each elastic end (pretty much where my safety pins were)...

Then give the elastic a bit of a tug...push the button through once..

...and then back again to give a nice finish:

Once you have done this on both ends - you are finished!  Carry on sewing the rest of your pattern to get an adjustable waist skirt like this:

With a smooth front

..and an elasticated back:

Any questions - feel free to ask!