Shelley Made: One..Two..Three Peasant Dresses!

Tuesday 14 February 2012

One..Two..Three Peasant Dresses!

My 4 year old is VERY into dresses at the moment.  So with the hot summer weather I thought she could so with a couple of nighties to sleep in.  Knit was my preference - for comfort more than anything.

I have the Ruffled Lilly pattern from Ginger Louise.  It comes in both 12m-4 and a 4-8yr sizes, and is downloadable.  It isn't specifically written for knit - but I made a few modifications and think it's turned out well.

It specifies elastic around both the neck and arms - I skipped the arms - thought it would be more comfortable with a rolled hem.  I did lettuce edging (the ripply rolled hem) on both the dress hem and sleeves.  I took about 3 inches out of the centre of the sleeve as I thought it would  be too full without the elastic casing.

We ended up with these nighties (plus her dolly had to have a nightie too...!):

I self drafted a sleeveless peasant top for the doll.  My daughter was DELIGHTED!

Plus - because she loved them so much, and wanted to wear them all day - we made another one for kindy/pre-school.

This one has a two inch ruffle I added to the bottom...  I thought it looked less nightie-ish!  It did make it longer of course, but she insisted I didn't shorten it.

They are really simple, really quick to whip up - and super comfortable.  It's all she has been wearing (given a chance!) since I made them.