Shelley Made: Getting Colder...

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Getting Colder...

It's Autumn...very act, in a few days it will be Winter here!

What have I been up to?  A bit of sewing, a bit of fabric designing, and a bit of walking in the last of the leaves.

Decided Mr 2 needed some warmer I've been doing some sewing without a pattern! A hoodie top, and some warm fleecy trackpants was in order...  He's wearing the pants in all these photos, and the hoodie is below...  Nice warm merino wool knit I had left over from when I was sewing merino baby wraps!

I was even brave enough to get out my cover stitch machine to do the hems properly!  That machine drives me crazy on really stretchy knits like this one...but this time it actually behaved!!

The top fits Miss 4 too (with some extra length added in the arms and body), so sewing one for her will be next!

I have a tutorial to write up too - with an upcycled denim skirt that I recently made for my daughter...will try and get that done this week!  Along with showing you my newest fabric designs...which I am about to send off for their first printing...a new cut and sew one is in the mix!

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