Shelley Made: A New Personalised Fabric

Sunday 15 July 2012

A New Personalised Fabric

It's been a while since I did a new Personalised Fabric option... I've had a few people ask if I could do a pink one along the lines of my Turquoise I did, and here it is:

Personalised Name Fabric - Pink Birds

It matches the pink colourway of my Bluebirds fabric collection which is currently available on Spoonflower...

Pink Birds on Branches Bluebirds and Blossoms - Pink Cherry Blossom Branches - Pink Pink Blossoms Pink Bird Stripe Pink Blossom Stripe

The Bluebirds themselves are also in blue (funnily enough!), and a mix of light and mid purples...

Bluebird On My Shoulder Light Purple Birds on Branches Purple Birds on Branches

As usual, just contact me if you would like me to create it in any name you like...

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