Shelley Made: Personalised Blankets and Cushions!

Sunday 1 September 2013

Personalised Blankets and Cushions!

I am very happy to be able to finally announce that my Etsy store is full of new listings!

I've been planning this ever since I started designing the near on two years now.  So today is a rather big day for me!

Here are a few examples:

I have cushions (with and without inserts), matching blankets and matching greeting cards.  I will add more items to the collection over time...

Meet Emerson - my lovely little model...  With her blanket!

In a range of lovely bright colours - in any name you like.  Available plain, or with owls, or birds, or butterflies, or even robots!:

 Matching greeting cards are in my store as well...

A few of the fabric options

The minky I use to complete the cushions, and for the blanket backs is SUPER soft and snuggly...

Would love to hear what you think of them...  You can see the complete range in my Etsy store here.

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  1. They are really lovely Shelley, a great personalised gift. Your fabrics are beautiful.