Shelley Made: October 2014

Friday 17 October 2014

New Personalised Panel Sets

Time for something new to add to the range...

Introducing my new panel sets - a quilt/blanket panel, with three coordinating smaller panels - all on a cut and sew single piece of fabric! 

In the example here - two of the smaller panels have been used to make a pillow - with the third being backed with minky for a ribbon blanket.  You could choose to back all of them with a coordinating fabric and have three pillows - or maybe use one in a frame for the wall?  Your choice!

You can use the main panel either by simply backing with minky - or you can go the extra mile and create a lovely quilt like in these examples.

As with all of my personalised designs - these come in any name and any colours you like.  You can choose from a number of different designs for the central image (including a number not shown here), which can be recoloured to suit.  Here are some can go bright - or a little more reserved :)

Huge thanks to the lovely Megan Martinez from Peas'n'Carrots Baby on Etsy for the lovely photos of her finished set for Olivia.

They will be available to order on my upcoming website - but until then - for any more detail or to order - just drop me a line on

Hope you like them!