Shelley Made: Mr Mikey Robot Fabric Collection Has Landed!

Sunday 18 March 2012

Mr Mikey Robot Fabric Collection Has Landed!

It was with great excitement that I opened my latest package from Spoonflower.  The samples for the robot fabrics that I designed for my son had arrived!

I'm really happy with how they have printed and I'm looking forward to designing a quilt for my wee boy with them in the Kona Cotton.  So happy in fact that I've put them up for sale on Spoonflower.

I have Mr Mikey himself:

Mr Mikey's Legs in a stripe (think this is my favourite):

Mr Mikey's buttons:

Smiling Mr Mikey in small:

...and large:

and finally Robot Waves:

They all coordinate with the Robot Cheater Quilt I designed:

Mr Mikey Robot Tumbler Cheater Quilt 42 inch

Which also printed very nicely:

All in all - a great day!  Made even better by 2 year old's reaction to the fabric - big smiles and wanted to run around the house with it as a cape :)

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