Shelley Made: The Lazy Day Sunhat

Thursday 8 March 2012

The Lazy Day Sunhat

I'm finally getting around to writing about something I made for my daughter for Christmas!

It's a sunhat.  Nothing particularly exciting about a sunhat - except this one is made with my own fabric design!

The pattern is called the Lazy Day sunhat from Make It Perfect - and it's completely reversible.

I managed to squeeze it (just!) out of two Fat Quarters - one in Pink, one in Purple/Lavender - my little girl's favourite colors.

The best thing is that she will actually wear it (she is not a fan of hats!) and since it has her name all over it - we are less likely to lose it :)

I got her Teddy to model it for me...first one side...

Then the other.

As it's nearly impossible to get my daughter to sit still for a decent photo!  This is the best we could manage - twirling in her Fairy Tale dress...

P.S.  I've now made this fabric available for sale with any name - see this page for details...


  1. That is sooo cute - what an awesome idea with your fabric too - love it! x

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm glad you liked it - it's a great pattern of yours :)