Shelley Made: The Mikey Shorts

Sunday 11 March 2012

The Mikey Shorts

I was never quite sure about these shorts for my son, until I started letting him out of the house in them!

The positive comments from people I didn't even know were amazing.  All wanting to know where I got the fabric...  I made it, and can do it in any name!

First off - the pattern is again from Tie Dye Diva - the Way Cool Shorts.  Nice and easy - and I just love the pockets.  I will be making them again next summer - the sizing goes from 2 to 8.

Now - an explanation as to why these shorts look so wacky!  Quite simple - it was supposed to be a sunhat!  I ordered two fat quarters - one for each side, then realised my son's head was NOT suited to that pattern...  So they morphed into some very unique shorts.  I only just just just had enough to do it - I've made the pockets slightly smaller than the pattern states - simply because I didn't have enough fabric.

The most time consuming part was keeping switching top stitching thread - I used white on the blue, and blue on the white.  Would anyone actually have noticed if I had sewn it all white??  Probably not! :)

Here's one of the pockets...

 The front with faux fly detail...

And the back...

This is the closest thing to a shot of my son wearing his shorts...scampering away from me up the stairs!!

Love this pattern - and as I said, will definitely be making it again!