Shelley Made: A Fairy Party

Friday 13 January 2012

A Fairy Party

It's been a while since the day - but for my daughter's fourth birthday - she asked to be a fairy, and to have a fairy party.  Silvermist to be exact, from the Disney Fairies movies.

So on top of all the creating I was doing for her presents (Fairy House, Jewellery, Handbag, etc), I also needed to make a fairy dress.  Oh, and make a multitude of little edible flowers and leaves for her birthday cake and cupcakes...

I found this pattern Simplicity 2559.  It's the toddler size (because my girl  is a slender build).  There is a size 3-8 one available as well, but I was certain it would be way too big in  the chest/waist for her, so I just lengthened the toddler one.

My version ended up looking like this (the only time before the day I would let her wear it!):

The crinoline wings from the pattern were a nightmare - floppy and just were not going to work - so I opted for store-bought white ones, which I added turquoise crystals too, sparkly silver glitter swirls, and tied a swath of the turquoise tulle around to tie into the dress.

I put a zip into the back - the original asked for velcro, plus to velcro the wings on but it just wasn't going to look so nice if she ever wore it without wings, so I changed that.  I did make the original belt, but in the end used another length of tulle as a sash - which I could tie in a bow at the back.

You cannot see from the photos - but it was very shimmery and sparkly - particularly the tulle.  I added some of the sparkly tulle  from the underskirt over the satin on one shoulder of the bodice.

She was way too excited on the day to get any good photos, but here is the back:

The front (you can see the necklace I made her to go with it)

Plus the all important wand!

Altogether I think it turned out quite well.  I made matching slippers and a hairclip to finish it all off.  There were times I SWORE never to sew with satin and tulle again :), but I'm over that now!

Here is a better look at the jewellery I made her for her birthday - the colours matched the dress perfectly.  I had no idea how to make jewellery before this - it just shows you how much you can learn from googling!  That, and finding a good place online to order what you need :)

If you are wondering why she is wearing tights and a long sleeve shirt underneath - it was winter here! :)  We got very lucky on the party day - it was lovely and sunny and quite warm.

I did get everything done in time.  Just.  We had the cake, complete with all my handmade little flowers, butterflies and leaves (now those took a while!):

...and the cupcakes and little flower biscuits/cookies

The girls all made their own fairy wands.  We used dowels I had wrapped in advance with ribbon.  The head of the wand was made from sheets of stiffened felt.  Feels like cardboard - but furry!  I cut them out beforehand too.  The girls chose their colours, then added lots of sparkly self-adhesive "jewels", stars and extra ribbons.  All things that were fun, but not messy!  Best of all, they got to create them themselves, and take them home to play with.

Then they burnt off all the sugar they had eaten by running around playing fairies outside with their new wands.

The best thing about the entire day - the absolute beam on my daughter's face as she had the BEST time with all her little fairy friends... :)

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