Shelley Made: The Twirl Skirt

Sunday 1 January 2012

The Twirl Skirt

One of the items I made for Christmas was the Tie Dye Diva Twirl Skirt.  It's actually a skort pattern, but I opted not to make the bloomers underneath.  I don't think my daughter is a bloomers girl!

I used my own special fabric.  A cotton sateen I designed...

I made a size 4 - mainly for the length as my 4 year old is a bit on the slender size!  Elastic takes care of that in the waist though.  It has a dropped waist, and a double sided ruffle at the bottom.

The pattern was easy to sew up.  The most difficulty I had was in trying to match up the design at the sides.  I just took them in little by little until the little birds matched up.

The finished product...

Does it twirl?  Yes!

Does she like it?  Yes!

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