Shelley Made: My First Quilt - The Back with Custom Label

Sunday 1 January 2012

My First Quilt - The Back with Custom Label

Having finished the front, it was on to the back.  Winging it this time as I have no pattern.  Funnily enough - piecing this together has given me the confidence to make a complete quilt from scratch - without a pattern.

To start with I created a custom quilt label.  Swatch size was more than big enough...  I tried to make it look like a part of the Castle Peeps fabric, and did my best to colour match. 

This is what I ended up with.  It's an 8x8 inch swatch...ready to cut.  Plus - it's all my own! :)  I ended up cutting it down to about 6 x 4 I think...  I read in a number of places that you should piece your labels in so they can never be removed..  Good advice!

I chose my favourite fabrics from the Castle Peeps line for the back...and started piecing.  I did a rough outline on paper before I started.

Resulting in this at the final middle section:

And overall this is the completed back...

Next, the last piece - quilting!

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