Shelley Made: My First Quilt - Part 1!

Sunday 1 January 2012

My First Quilt - Part 1!

After procrastinating for what seems like an age - I finally bit the bullet and attempted my first quilt.  It's for my son, who will soon move out of his cot/crib into a toddler bed.  So I guess that gave me the motivation!

I just love the Castle Peeps fabric line from Lizzy House and luckily she designed a lovely pattern to go with it to give me a starter.  I chose the blue colourway as my son's room is blue and yellow - and changed the design to be wider to fit his bed.  I also rearranged the fabrics and swapped a few in and out to make it my own.

Isn't the fabric great?!?!

What did I learn from my experience...  That if you are left handed - SWAP THE BLADE SIDE on your rotary cutter!!  I've struggled for ages with it veering off on tangents - so much so that I had put it away forever.  Which I guess is why I didn't make a quilt until now.  So I thought I would give it one more go - with a fresh blade - which is when I had the inspiration to reassemble it on the opposite side.  Magic.  I'm now cutting like a pro :)

So, after calculating and recalculating my changes to the pattern - I set off to cut nervously through all the fabric.

Ending up with this...which will be the front

I did my best when cutting the pieces to try and get the skyline to line up - it "kind" of worked!  I got close anyway.

 Ending up with the finished top...  Which I thought looked not too bad for a first effort.

Next up - the back!

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