Shelley Made: My First Quilt - The Finale!

Sunday 1 January 2012

My First Quilt - The Finale!

See here for the front and back of the quilt.

Hmmm...quilting and binding.  I am SO not brave enough to attempt free motion quilting yet.  Maybe one day...but not right now!  I decided to play it safe with straight line outline quilting.

First - the quilt sandwich.  I spread everything out on the bathroom floor - the biggest tiled area in the house which made it a lot easier to smooth and pin.  I used masking tape to hold the backing nice and firm.

Can you tell I'm left handed! :)

Then I started my quilting...  That took a while.  I had awful tension issues...needless to say my machine is in getting serviced right now...

I machine stitched the binding on the front - then spent many nights hand sewing it to the back.  Strangely I found it quite relaxing though.

The finished quilt!:

And the back.  I like the darker blue binding - kind of like a frame for the quilt.

Closeup of some of my quilting

And there is that hand stitching on the back of the binding...

With my little custom label proudly attached :)

I made a matching pillowcase out of scraps, as you can see on the little bed.

What did my son think of it - well this...

He pushes it off the bed before he goes to sleep EVERY night!  Oh well...

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  1. This is so well made! I think your quilting is great for a first quilt. I only hope my WIP will be so neat.

    I'm collecting for an I-spy quilt, and I'll looking for people to take part in my swap. All the information is on my blog: Let me know if this is something that is interesting to you, and if you'd like to join in.

    :) Helen