Shelley Made: A Fairy Project!

Wednesday 28 September 2011

A Fairy Project!

So, for my daughter's 4th birthday I found this neat pattern from ikatbag.  I've never sewn with plastic canvas before - but hey, I'm keen to give most things a go!

This is how it turned out...

The Toadstool - a.k.a The Fairy House

Checking out their new home
And having a chat

We named them of course...




 And they seem to get on well together

They even have some sparkly decorations inside!

And they like to play peek-a-boo!

Did it go down well?  YES!

It took me a fair while to make, but it was so worth it!  My daughter loved it - so much so I've already had to replace the hair with wool rather than felt.  The felt hair just didn't quite stand up to the attention!

I used cotton drill for the coloured fabrics - and plain old canvas for the outer body, and I'm pretty pleased with the end result.


  1. Oh Shelley, it's beautiful! I love the fairy names! My eldest daughter read your post with me and she squealed when she recognized their names! And I ADORE the little hidden hearts and stars on the lining. Like a real fairy house, with glimmery shimmery magical walls. Thank you for inviting me to come see this, so we could all ooh and aah over it!

  2. hello! i just found your blog through flickr. these are some very cute photos of an amazing sewing project. jess is one lucky little lady :)

  3. @LiEr - very exciting that you came to have a look! It was a great project to do :)