Shelley Made: Something for the Boys

Monday 2 January 2012

Something for the Boys

Another of my homemade Christmas presents - this time for my 22 month old little boy.  I find it hard, as I know others do, to find things - particularly things to sew - for boys.

I came across this pattern at Tie Dye Diva.  The "Awesome Baby Shorts" pattern - a downloadable pdf.  I like pdf patterns as a whole - however I've come across some that are not quite up to scratch.  Not the case with these - the instructions are clear, the patterns are computer drafted (which I really REALLY prefer to hand-drawn patterns).  Very professional.

I used Caleb Gray's Robot Factory fabric - which is a cute not too over the top print for a little boy.  Size wise I made him the 18-24 month (which is the largest).

Here they are, waiting to be wrapped:

The little patch pockets were very easy - I added a double line of stitching all around

Faux fly detail, and I put an extra line of topstitching around the top of the waistband.

The fit?  Pretty good.  I made no changes to the pattern at all - the length is good.  Love the pockets.  He is very much on the averages for weight and height for his age, so I was expecting them to fit well.  I would note that they would not fit him in his cloth nappies - Fuzzibunz.  There is just not the room for a well padded little bottom in these - but in a pullup they fit fine.  You would need to size up to accommodate cloth.

All in all - a good little pattern that sewed up really quickly.


  1. Do they tell you how much elastic to use in the waist, as I make them for gifts for people having boys, and have no one to measure their waists

  2. @mchats - Yes there is a recommended average elastic measurement for each size in the pattern, which you can go by if you can't try them on the little boy.