Shelley Made: Fair and Square Dress

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Fair and Square Dress

I'm finally sewing again.  This time, another of Tie Dye Diva's patterns...the Fair and Square Dress.

Nice and easy to sew, and nice and light for Summer.  I made a size 4 - with a 5 length, and it fits well.  My daughter is rather petite!

The bird fabric is my own design - available on Spoonflower here in blue, pink and purple - with loads of coordinates.  It's definitely one of my favourite of my own designs, and I love the way it has sewn up into this dress.

Some of the details...the flower:

The contrasting hem band:

The button closure at the back:

I made this slightly differently to the pattern.  I used one full yard width (as it was all I had!) - and put a single seam down the back, rather than two side seams.  I was about an inch short in width - but made some of that back by having one less seam allowance.  I'm pretty happy with my matching seam! :)

I think it looks pretty on my little girl...and I'm very happy with the end result...  I'm sure it will get a lot of use over Summer.

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  1. Your matching seams! I am happy for you too. :D They look gorgeous~