Shelley Made: Custom Ties and Cufflinks!

Monday 13 May 2013

Custom Ties and Cufflinks!

It's my husbands birthday this coming week.  He is, as I guess most men are, very difficult to buy for.

So I decided some time ago - he was going to get something you can't buy.  Plus - since I know he does not read my blog unless I make him, I figure it is safe to share it with you today!

I organised for Jane from Tux and Tulle to make two ties for me, from some of my fabric designs I have up on Spoonflower.  When I looked through my collections, I realised there was little that my husband would actually wear!  I needed a nice masculine print.  This one made the top of the list:


It's called "Hexagons in Black", and I had it printed on Spoonflower's cotton sateen - it has a lovely sheen just right for a necktie!  There is quite a bit involved in the construction of a tie - which is why I found an expert to help me out, rather than tackling this one myself!  I did, however design the fabric myself, and put together some matching cufflinks - so I still feel like it's "mine"... :)

I'll share the second set I did with you in another post - along with a little "how-to" on the matching cufflinks I made for each tie...

Pretty happy with how they, and the tie, turned out!

Here is the finished set:

I popped each set into a little gift box - all ready to give him on his birthday...

I think this is just the right thing for him, and I really hope he likes it!  They would make great Father's Day presents as well...


  1. Those look really great! Well done. I find your blog so inspirational. :-)