Shelley Made: Perfect Party Dress - Winter Edition

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Perfect Party Dress - Winter Edition

Hi there,

I actually made it to the sewing machine!  A long overdue return...

It's winter here, and my 5 year old has decided she will NOT wear jeans/pants anymore.  It must be dresses.  So I decided she needed some new ones.  In corduroy.

I chose the Perfect Party Dress by Tie Dye Diva.  I love her patterns, and thought this one would translate well into a winter weight dress.

Here it is:

She has declared it her favourite dress...

It has a fully lined, button up bodice, and a lovely twirl factor (very important for a 5 year old).

Some of the details:

The applique on the front, is one from Bunnycup Embroidery.  I chose to use the two fabrics from the dress, and alternate the directions of the cord stripes. 

I thought the "ragged" edges tied in well with the frill on the bottom of the dress.

Yards and yards of frills!  I cut the fabric for the frill and the sash in the opposite direction to the main blue.  Just because I could.  Plus I like the additional contrast.

I added a decorative stitch to the sash and ties...this was NEARLY the undoing of the dress I have to say.  Trying to get a straight line was a challenge and took forever.  Unpicking decorative stitches is not my favourite pastime. 

With a couple of full length shots to finish with...

I will be making this again in corduroy...or maybe a drill?

Yes, maybe drill for the next one... :)

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