Shelley Made: A Very Special Reupholstery Project

Sunday 3 June 2012

A Very Special Reupholstery Project

A month ago, I was contacted by a lovely lady from Michigan called Janet.  She had seen my personalized fabrics and asked if I could create a design with the name "Anna" for her daughter-in-law Leslie.

As it turns out, Anna was the name of Leslie's mother, who had very sadly passed away a few years ago.  Leslie had a chair that belonged to her mother, and Janet's plan was to reupholster it for her, as a surprise, using the fabric with her mother's name on it.  I was only too happy to help with such a thoughtful and personal project.

With the help of her son, they did manage to keep the secret throughout the process, and I am delighted to report that the project was a success - Leslie loves the chair!

I cannot think of a more touching use of my fabric, and I am so extremely proud and honoured to have been part of this very special project.  What a wonderful thing for a mother-in-law to do...

Here is the finished chair...

A local Michigan upholsterer, Edwin Adams, is pictured below with the chair.  The care he has taken is apparent - from the piping to the fabric covered buttons.  Lovely work Edwin!

Thank you so much Janet - for allowing me to share these photos of the finished chair.  I have to admit to being very touched myself when I saw the photos, and when you told me of your daughter-in-law's comment..."now I can sit with my Mom every day".  I really hope you do smile every time you look at it Leslie... :)

Everyone out there - if you can, go give your mother a hug!