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Thursday 9 August 2012

New Spoonflower Projects

I've been busy.  You might have seen a couple of random posts in the last few days...instructions for making things...

Well, I've just completed a number of Cut & Sew projects for my Spoonflower shop.

The first is a zippered, lined, Pencil Case...there is a girl option as well - I just haven't finished sewing it up yet!

The pencil case is a kit.  All you need to add is thread and a zipper.  The kit also contains a "Treasure" purse...

...which is a small coin purse sized, lined, pouch for keeping all those little treasures kids seem to want to carry around safe.  It also contains a pocket pack tissue holder...which I think is my favourite part of the kit...

When your little boy has used his last tissue - he gets a wave from the Robot... :)  My little boy (admittedly only 2 years old) - emptied all of his tissue out immediately and handed them back to me...he likes the Robot!

The girls version is made up bits and pieces from this fabric line...will share a photo or two when I have it sewn up.  Better be quick - it's for my daughter's birthday next week!

The last project is something I've been wanting to do for a while.  A Shower Cap!

Again, in kit form.  You get two sets in the kit - one for you, and one for a gift.  A set is - the Shower Cap, tissue holder (same style as the Robot), and a wet bag.  You need to provide a waterproof lining fabric for the cap and wet bag, a zip for the wet bag, and elastic for the thread, of course.

So I've been designing, pattern creating, instruction writing mad the last wee while.  Time to move on to 5th Birthday preparations I think!!!

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